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Hill & Gertner Retail Partners

Hill & Gernter Retail Partners (HGRP) is an investment banking and advisory firm specializing in the merchandising sector, including retail and consumer goods. HGRP are also principals and equity investors in successful retail and consumer product companies. HGRP’s services include branding and rebranding mergers and acquisitions, capital solutions, consolidations, restructuring, real estate solutions, and advisory services.

HGRP’s expertise in branding, merchandising, consolidations, restructuring and banking means that it understands a company’s potential and can maximize that value in any kind of transaction. More than any other company in Canada, HGRP knows what it takes to be a successful retailer. Since 1996, HGRP has been involved in retail consumer product transactions totaling well over $1 billion.

HGRP’s principals have visionary, branding, strategic, merchandising and operational skills that are unmatched in the Canadian market. These skills are complemented by an expertise in financial engineering, all of which enables HGRP to provide creative turnkey solutions.